2013 · 11 · 25

LK Comunicação has new facilities and is hiring new workers

 LK Comunicação began a new cycle in its history with the opening of new facilities in Nogueira, Braga. Following an image change, the establishment of a new positioning and the definition of a new services structure made earlier this year, LK is now investing in a modern and up to date space, that meets the company's current needs.

Until the end of the year, LK Comunicação will strengthen its team, with the creation of two new jobs in the field of web technology. Existing for over 10 years, the agency has had a sustained growth over the years. Recently the agency extended its portfolio of customers with reference both national and international scene companies such as Valormed, Fundiviana, Parsec, Colquímica, Megatrónica, SafeLab, Sanitop, Quadrilátero Urbano, Altronix, among others.

LK is an integrated communication agency, guided by marketing principles, with expertize in several areas of communication. With a strong digital vocation, the company has knowledge in many different areas including media relations, management of social networks, design, web development, multimedia, advertising and branding.

To develop proposals with value for the market, LK Communication has the commitment and dedication of a young, dynamic, proactive team, which is ready to face any challenge. Its multidisciplinary training, involving professionals from the areas of communication, graphic design and digital multimedia solutions, builds up very different knowledge and philosophies.

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