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LKCOM brings "Water That Heals" to the Termas de Chaves

Considered one of the best thermal baths in Europe and winner of the ESPA Innovation Awards in 2017, the Termas de Chaves is much more than a fantastic place. It's a place where you can benefit from the exceptional relaxing and healing properties of hot water that sprouts from the bottom of the earth at 76 centigrade degrees.

It is a whole experience in a city founded by the Roman Empire, with an enviable historical heritage that coexists with modernity, nature, gastronomy, breathtaking landscapes, and a people who know how to receive and serve. Termas de Chaves, whose motto is "Água Que Cura," have a marketing and communication strategy set up by LKCOM: Brochures and Flyers, Social Network Management, Videos, Photography, Media Relations. A new website, mobile application, online store are coming up... to make this infrastructure one of the most active and reputable thermal infrastructures in Portugal. 

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