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LKCOM creates a successful case for INPARQUES, Famalicão Municipality

A great 360º Challenge that the Famalicão City Council, through Famalicão MadeIN, launched to LKCOM.

The starting point was to think, question, and reorganize the branding and the entire marketing and communication strategy that supports the offer of business spaces, namely the network of six business parks in the municipality.

LKCOM's intervention was completely transversal for the project. It included the design of the new INParques brand, the Strategic Plan's preparation, the reorganization and subsequent georeferenced mapping of the six business parks, and the entire structure of the road signs to be implemented. Our agency also created the design and operation of the communication media: content, photography, brochures, microsite with access and online navigation in 2D and 3D maps, videos, etc., all in several languages.

The result is in sight. And the Municipality of Famalicão continues to be a success and study case at national level in promoting and attracting investment!

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