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Here Be Dragons on Principe Island (and at LKCOM)

It's called HBD – Here Be Dragons and was founded by Mark Shuttleworth, the South African entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded Canonical Ltd and created the Ubuntu free distribution operating system. In his 30s, this millionaire was the second civilian to travel to space in the Russian Soyuz capsule and visit the International Space Station.

On this trip, he discovered an island almost untouched by man, full of vegetation looking like a prehistoric setting, The Príncipe Island, in São Tomé, Africa. He fell in love with it and today is a supporter of the island and sustainable tourism. The company couldn't have another name: Here Be Dragons.

Currently, HBD has two hotel units and a farm (Roça) in Príncipe (where the British Arthur Eddington proved Einstein's theory of relativity) and a unit in São Tomé. It produces cocoa, coffee, jams, and many products that are consumed in its lodges.

It is with this paradise of HBD that LKCOM has had the pleasure of working. We designed the digital strategy and the repositioning of the brand, created the entire digital graphic layouts and content for the new website, produced promotional videos, and collaborated in the management of social networks.

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