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Termas de Chaves has a new website with the signature of LKCOM!

Making the consumer experience more complete: this was Balneário Flaviense's challenge, which resulted in a new website that was completely tailored to the client.

Termas de Chaves launched its new website, which brings together everything that the thousands of riders who seek this unique equipment every year need in a single space. The contemporary and simple design reflects the visual identity of the Spa and the communication strategy that has been implemented.

The new platform has a wide range of features and intends to be the main access and contact point for the buyers who already know the Spas and for potential clients who arrive for the first time on the website. At, visitors will be able to learn about the unique characteristics of Água Termal Flaviense, the services available, procedures and the Spa's operation.

Find out what Therapeutic Thermalism is and what the thermal techniques available at the Balneário are for, discover the Spa and Wellness programs, discover the Aquae Ativo Thermal Club, Nutrition and Podiatry consultations or just read about the city of Chaves, are some of the possibilities of this new platform. This tool is also equipped with an Online Store that allows you to purchase products from the Termal Aquae dermo-cosmetic line, buy gift vouchers, Spa and Wellness programs, merchandising or even a bottle of Flaviense Thermal Water.

With an ancient tradition, the Termas de Chaves are a national reference. The characteristics of the Thermal Water that springs at 76º and the quality of the services offered both in Therapeutic Thermalism and in the Spa and Wellness, Nutrition and Podiatry make it one of the most sought after thermal spas in the country.

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