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LKCOM develops platform for international BIOMAT project

The BIOMAT project, which aims to develop bio-based and sustainable polyurethane foams (PUR) for four industrial sectors, now has a platform created by LKCOM.

BIOMAT emerges as an answer for a more sustainable Europe. Aimed at the Construction, Automotive, Furniture and Upholstery sectors, it aims to share with SMEs (small and medical enterprises) innovative technologies and services for the production of sustainable polyurethane foams.

Until March 31, the Project has an application process underway that will allow SMEs to access the services developed within the scope of Biomat, free of charge. Interested entities may apply through the BIOMAT Platform –, developed by LKCOM.

The BIOMAT project uses materials with a low carbon footprint and makes processes economically efficient, taking into account circular economy guidelines. In this way, the European bioeconomy will be key.

LKCOM is one of the 26 members, from eight countries, of the European-Israeli consortium BIOMAT, which over the course of four years will create a testing system for new technologies based on nanotechnology-scale solutions.

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