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LKCOM chosen by Cotesi to produce videos for its latest innovations

Once again, Cotesi has chosen LKCOM to produce four new videos ads showcasing its latest innovative products. We're talking about the Cross X-Pand bale netwrap and the UNI-Tech technology, which promise to revolutionize the market with new concepts and production methods.

As usual, innovation comes first for Cotesi, as the biggest producer of agricultural yarn in the world and a pioneer in producing bale netwraps, ropes, and cables in Europe. And to accurately convey the quality of the news products, the videos were meticulously planned with a clean language and a modern design.

The Cross X-Pand bale netwrap has a patented and innovative manufacturing process with several benefits, such as high protection and coverage and even more excellent resistance. The UNI-Tech technology, which is being implemented in Cotesi yarns production, improves the fiber in different ways, like in performance and resistance, allowing more yarn per bobbin. Both Cotesi inventions completely cover all the farmers' necessities.

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