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LKCOM boosts CeNTI digital presence

CeNTI has once again turned to LKCOM to boost its digital presence.

This time, the work went through the creation and development of a more dynamic, fast, and effective website, in which it's possible to keep up to date with all CeNTI's activities, projects, and results, as well as obtain relevant information about the services and markets that do business with the centre.

Besides all that, the website has a job and research grant application area. Everything is meticulously planned to reach the target audience.

CeNTI is the most significant private non-profit R&D institute with a multi-sectorial orientation, equipped with cutting-edge technology that promotes research, technological development, innovation, and engineering activities in nanotechnology and smart materials and systems' fields.

Check out the new website and stay tuned for more news from CeNTI!

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