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Do you already know the CCTB? We present you the platform that will help you on your next trips

The Central de Camionagem de Braga (Braga Bus Station) has changed its name and now the CCTB – Centro Coordenador de Transportes de Braga - also has a new website. Intending to bring the CCTB closer to its users, making information more accessible and digitizing valuable processes for today’s costumer, the website provides real-time information on the departures and arrivals of the several operators.

LKCOM was the agency responsible for developing the platform, on which it is also possible to quickly search for prices and travel schedules to different locations in the Portugal and Europe on dates chosen by the user.

All CCTB operators and the several shopkeepers are presented on the website. At the Braga bus station there a varied services and products offer, from the cafe to the restaurant, clothing store or even the barbershop.

All about CCTB is just a click away at In this space, you can also access all news related to this important space for the city’s mobility.

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