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LKCOM signs campaign for the detection and control of the Vespa Velutina in Cávado

The image and communication of the Strategic Plan for the Detention and Control of the Vespa Velutina in NUTS III of Cávado was developed by LKCOM. Cávado Intermunicipal Community, in collaboration with its associated municipalities, also developed informative and awareness-raising actions to control this species.

Commonly known as asian hornet, Vespa velutina is an invasive species and predator of bees and other pollinating insects essential for balanced ecosystems. This pest became established in Europe in 2011, through vegetables from China and represents a threat to the environment, biodiversity and beekeeping, jeopardizing, among others, honey production.

With the aim of training and raising awareness among the population about the risks of this insect, LKCOM was responsible for creating the image and graphic identity of the initiative for the Promotion and Public Awareness of the problematic action associated with the Vespa Velutina promoted by CIM Cávado – Comunidade Intermunicipal do Cávado. The campaign also included producing communication materials, such as billboards and mupis for the 6 municipalities comprising NUT III of Cávado: Amares, Barcelos, Braga, Esposende, Terras de Bouro and Vila Verde, advertising in regional newspapers and radio spots. 

 As a result of the application approved by the PO SEUR - Operational Programme for Sustainability and Efficient Use of Resources, plans to detect and combat this insect have been implemented, promoting better prevention and control of this species' evolution in the territory.

Do not forget, in case of sighting Vespa velutina (Asian hornet) nests:

- Report at:

- Environment SOS line: 808 200 520

- Contact your local City Hall

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